liquid sensor pump max

sensor pump maxsensor pump maxsensor pump maxsensor pump maxsensor pump max
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liquid sensor pump max

complete your sensor pump
lavender / 3 pouches
liquid soap
3 refill pouches
hand | lavender
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sensor pump max stand
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 warranty with this product
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Our touch-free sensor pump max is built for business, but is also perfect for busy households. It makes it easy for anyone to wash their hands using soap or sanitiser without leaving any germs behind for the next user – keeping them clean and safe. It has a clog-proof tubing pump that ensures a precise and consistent flow, and the silicone valve prevents messy drips. To control the amount of soap desired, you can position your hand up close to the sensor for a little soap and farther away for more. Its secure lid can only be opened to refill using the included tool, while the large opening makes refills fast and easy. It’s powered by four D batteries (LR20) that can last up to a year (batteries not included). The sensor pump max comes with an optional wall mount bracket (screws included) so you can mount it up and out of the way, and its elegant design enhances and elevates any surrounding. Use simplehuman soap or sanitiser for optimum pump performance (sanitiser only available in the US).

material: high-grade brushed stainless steel
soap type: liquid
capacity: 946ml
power source: 4 D batteries (LR20) - not included
battery life: up to 1 year
soap compatibility: simplehuman liquid soap + liquid soap without exfoliants + hand sanitiser
warranty: 1 year
sku: ST1500
what's in the box

sensor pump max
optional wall mount bracket
pin tool

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