recycling made easy

dual compartment pedal bin and compost caddy

easily sort recycling, rubbish and food scraps in one convenient place with our integrated dual compartment bin + compost caddy system

Most of us want to do the right thing when it comes to recycling and composting, but our busy lives can get in the way. It’s easier to go with what’s more convenient — which is usually not great for the sustainability of the planet. Many homes have a rubbish bin in the kitchen, a box or bag for recycling outside, and a compost bin (if they have one) under the sink. This is inconvenient and tends to make people go for the easiest (read laziest) option – tossing everything into the rubbish bin. At simplehuman, we solved this issue by integrating all three things nicely into one place. Our dual compartment pedal bin has a recycling bucket right next to the rubbish compartment. With rubbish and recycling under the same lid, it’s a breeze to sort. No more taking cardboard out in your slippers!

dual compartment rubbish bin and compost caddy

We also recently launched a compost caddy that docks neatly onto the side of our rubbish bins, making composting simple and easy. Now, during a typical after-dinner clean-up, you can toss rubbish, recycling, AND compostable food scraps all at the same time in one convenient place! You can even remove the caddy from the magnetic dock and place it on the countertop during meal prep so you can throw food scraps away as you cut and chop. Many customers have expressed their excitement to us about how these products play an essential part in increasing their recycling and composting at home. We are just as excited to hear how seamlessly this solution is working for them so they can enjoy a more sustainable, simplehuman lifestyle.

check your local rules and regulations so you can recycle responsibly

Keeping up with local regulations on what to recycle and compost has never been simpler. Check local rules to determine what can and cannot be recycled or composted in your area.