odorsorb kit

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odorsorb kit

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Our odorsorb filters contain activated charcoal that absorbs odor-causing agents and neutralizes smells naturally. The filter's holding case attaches firmly beneath the lid of your trash can with included double-sided tape. It also can be used in cabinets, refrigerators or pantries. (Filter kit comes with one filter and a holding case. Not recommended for butterfly cans.)

material: natural charcoal
sku: KT1165
what's in the box
filter case
odorsorb filter


Contains activated charcoal to absorb odor-causing agents and neutralize smells naturally.

strong steel pedal

easy to attach

Sticks neatly underneath the lid.

recharges in sunlight

Simply expose your filter to sunlight for 3 hours every 4 to 6 weeks to recharge.